The Saguaro Camera Club meets in the Mesa Fire Station located at 360 E First St., Mesa, Arizona. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of October through April from 6:30--9:30PM. Our schedule is variable in November and December to accommodate for the holidays. The first meeting of the month is devoted to our monthly club competitions and our second meeting is reserved for our program (see Calendar). To learn more about our organization and its activities see Organization>About Us. If you are interested in becoming a member see Organization>Membership Information.


The Gallery being projected are the Awarded images (TOPs & HMs) from the 2018 October competition--Assigned Open. You can manage the slide show with the right/left arrows or other aspects of the thumbnail strip below the images. I am going to try to make this a monthly feature on our Home page.


This month’s home page Header is an image captured by Jim David at the “Very Large Array” (VLA) Radio Telecsope on the Plains of San Agustin just northwest of Socorro, New Mexico. If you select the link you will learn some truly astounding features of this array. Select “Tech” or scroll down and you will learn that the VLA is an interferometer array, using the combined views of its 27 antennas to mimic the view of a telescope as big across as the farthest distance between its antennas. For the VLA, this can range from less than a mile to over 22 miles across! This allows Astronomers to discover and study Solar Systems in other Galaxies far out into the Universe.

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