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October 10, 2019 Saguaro CC Competition Opening & Closing Date/Time
The October 10, 2019 Monthly Competition Opens August 1, 2019 at 8:00AM and Closes on October 6, 2019 at midnight. PLEASE GET YOUR IMAGES IN ON TIME PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY! This month's Assigned Theme is City Scene. This theme will be the ACCC Spring 2020 Rotating theme. Like all ACCC Rotating themes there is no definition. However, the theme is fairly self-explanatory and could involve all sorts of “street” photography (i.e., people interacting in a city environment or architectural subjects). A city could be a metropolis such as downtown Seattle or Cody, Wyoming. Probably not Buttzville, NJ. To qualify as a city, it probably ought to have a USPS office, city hall, police station etc. The theme is PID Open and can be either color or monochrome with no processing restrictions. NOTE: Your images must be .jpg files. Image size remains unchanged--Maximum dimensions are 1400 pixels on horizontal side and 1050 pixels on the vertical side and maximum file size is 1MB. You will receive an error message if your images are not sized properly. In addition, special characters such as , ; : # & \ ? ‘ are not allowed in your image titles that should be 35 characters or less. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPELLING. MY 3RD GRADE TEACHER MRS. PEARSON WOULD ROLL OVER IN HER GRAVE IF SHE WERE TO SEE SOME OF YOUR TITLES.

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